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Kelly Rotary Drilling Hoses for Oilfield Rig System

Kelly hose or Kelly line connecting the standpipe to the swivel, is made of special NBR tube, two layers of spiral steel cables and abrasion-resistant cover. Read more about Kelly Hose → Rotary Drilling Hose. Rotary drilling hose is used to convey drilling liquids from the top of mud standpipe to the rotary swivel. Operating pressure up to 4000psi. Read more about Rotary Drilling Hose

What is Rotary Hose For? - Oilfield Drilling Equipment

3/1/2017· A rotary hose is used in oil well drilling. It acts as the crucial instrument in the connection being made between the standpipe and the swivel. A rotary hose is also used as a means of permitting the kelly to be either raised or lowered through the drilling process while also allowing the drill bit to be raised with the drillstring.

kelly hose | Oilfield Glossary - Schluerger

kelly hose. 1. n. [Drilling] A large-diameter (3- to 5-in inside diameter ), high- pressure flexible line used to connect the standpipe to the swivel. This flexible piping arrangement permits the kelly (and, in turn, the drillstring and bit) to be raised or lowered while drilling fluid is pumped through the drillstring.

Kelly Hose - 5000 psi & Various end Fittings

Kelly hose is used to connect the standpipe to the swivel. It allows the drill string to be raised and lowered while the drill fluid is pumped through it. Kelly line usually contains two layers of plated steel cables to reach 5000 psi operating pressure. Inside tube is made of special NBR to improve abrasion and corrosion capability. Rubber cover is compatible with the ozone, sunlight and oils

Kelly hose-Houston Texas - World Rig Supply

KELLY HOSE . Kelly hose made to length at World rig supply.Kelly hoses are large inside diameter (3" to 4" i.d) high pressure flexible lines used to between the standpipe and the swivel. This flexible piping permits the kelly to be raised and lowered while drilling fluid is pumped through the drillstring. The simultaneous lowering of the drillstring while pumping fluid is very important to the

3.5 Swivel - Harlow Sammons

3.5 Power Swivel. Our 3.5 Power Swivel is mounted on a trailer or oilfield skid with a 3.5 S-120 Swivel Head, powered by a C-7 engine with hydraulic hose reels, 100FT 4-wire pressure hose and 100FT 2-wire return hose, remote control air panel with 100FT hydraulic and air line, Sundstand hydraulic system, high pressure loop filter suction strainer, and 10 micron return, 90 gallon hydraulic

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The Accessory Connector with Swivel screws directly into the thread of your watering accessory to create a super tight connection that won’t leak or burst off under pressure. If you have multiple hand sprayers, we recommend you purchase additional Accessory Connectors so you can easily switch your hose between sprayers with a simple ‘point and twist’.

Rotary Vibrator Hose 7500PSI Grade E Sour service (Kelly Hose)

Flexible connection between standpipe and swivel (Rotary Drilling) or between pump and standpipe (Rotary Vibrator) for pumping mud at extra high pressure in oil drilling and exploration work. Meets the high demands of directional drilling and down linking with negative pressure pulses and elevated temperatures. This hose can also be used as a Motion Compensator hose for stabilization of rotary

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اشاره: آن چه كه در پي مي‌آيد، ويرايش دوم مقاله‌ي« آشنايي با واژگان تخصصي نفت» است؛ از مجموعه‌ي متون آموزشي مفاهيم مهندسي نفت، ويژه‌ي خبرنگاران سياستي و سياست‌پژوهان بخش بالادستي نفت و اقتصاد انرژي كه در سرويس مسائل


ditempatkan pada kaki , kemudian melalui kelly hose (rotary hose), melalui swivel dan turun ke kelly. Lumpur kemudian masuk kedasar . 2 lubang . sumur . melalui pipa bor ke bit. Bit umumnya mempunyai dua atau tiga nozzle (lubang jet) yang akan menaikkan kecepatan aliran lumpur menjadi hight velocity. Kecepatan jet lumpur ini akan menggosok dasar lubang bor untuk menjaga agar bit cutter

Procedure for Pulling the Drillstring from the Hole

15/9/2019· Remove the swivel from the hook (i.e. kelly, kelly bushing, swivel and kelly hose all stored in rathole) 4. Latch the elevators onto the top connection of the drillpipe, pick up the drillpipe and remove the slips. Pull the top of the drillpipe until the top of the drillpipe is at the top of the and the second connection below the top of the drillpipe is exposed at the rotary table. A

What Is a Kelly Hose? - wiseGEEK

In a or drilling rig, the kelly hose connects the standpipe, which is the rigid metal shaft that delivers the mining fluid, to the swivel, which is the piece that supports the weight of and controls the rotation of the drill string.Its purpose is to provide a flexible drilling fluid conduit, as a rigid conduit would be unable to move with the swivel and would therefore disallow

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4/4/2000· Brewster 220- T (stat.) x 135 T (dyn) swivel, kelly hose, weight indior, 5-1/4" hex kelly, Barco bushing, 13 ton winch, GD PZ8 triplex mud pump with GM 16V92T (750 hp), slurry pumps, generator, mud system, tongs, elevators, slips Price: $850,000. WILSON 42B DRILLING RIG (Ref#2551) Manufactured 1981 - Single Drum with Parmac hydramatic brake, 2 engine compound, Mounted on 4 axle trailer with

Rotary Drilling Hose; Home; About us; Production. Hydraulic Hose. SAE 100R1AT /DIN EN 853 1SN; SAE 100R2AT/DIN EN 853

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به دليل ارتجاعي بودن اين شلنگ از نوسان swivel جلوگيري مي‌شود. گل حفاري بعد از Kelly hose بداخل Kelly و از آن جا به رشته‌هاي حفاري و مته منتقل مي‌شود. گل خارج شده از مته به همراه كنده‌هاي حفاري از داخل

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6 DP 01/26/21 Case Stand Pipe Hose Swivel Kelly Length (Ft.) ID (In.) Length (Ft.) ID (In.) Length (Ft.) ID (In.) Length (Ft.) ID (In.) 1 40 3.0 45 2.0 4 2.0 40 2.25 2 40 3.5 55 2.5 5 2.5 40 3.00 3 45 4.0 55 3.0 5 2.5 40 3.25 4 45 4.0 55 3.0 6 3.0 40 4.0 Pressure Losses Surface Equipment Surface Equipment. 7 DP 01/26/21 Drill Pipe Drill Pipe D 1 D 2 Pressure Losses Drill String Drill String ID

Sun Machinery

Manufactured 1977, 5/8" line, Foster heads, 60’ mast, 3" rotary hose,, square kelly with swivel, (2) 3 sheave blocks, drive bushing, Gardner Denver 7-1/2 x 12" duplex mud pump, racking board (hydraulically raised), mounted on 1977 4 axle back in Crane Carrier, Cummins 400 diesel engine, 5 sp transmission, twin hydraulic pumps, 10" retractable rotary table, 4 leveling jacks, work platform

BVM Corporation Maintenance Manual

The unit is placed in the string between the swivel and Kelly valve. Pad eyes are bolted to link bumper to which turnbuckles act as a torque arrestor and prevent twisting of the blocks when the unit is in operation. EN D 020 Rev B Page 3 The rig must be equipped with a 1½” air supply standpipe. Main supply hoses and pilot valve control hoses are run from the top of the standpipe to the unit

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12/12/1994· Mike Hull was on deck using power tongs to connect the joints of tubing already in the well with the chicksan and kelly hose, which had been raised over thirty feet in the air. OSHA regulations require that safety cables be used to fasten the kelly hose and the standpipe end to the and at the swivel end to the swivel housing. However, on this occasion, the safety chains were not in use

Rotary Vibrator Hose / Mud Hose / Cementing Hose

The rotary connection between mud pump and standpipe is called mud hose or kelly hose. (High Pressure Drilling Hoses) are designed as API 7K Spec as the flexible connection between the standpipe and swivel for pumping mud at a very high pressure in oil drilling and exploration. This hose features high strength spiral steel wire reinforcement which provides a very flexible connection

7500PSI Grade E-Rotary Vibrator / Drilling Hose--Hebei

Flexible connection between standpipe and swivel (Rotary Drilling) or between pump and standpipe (Rotary Vibrator) for pumping mud at extra high pressure in oil drilling and exploration work. Meets the high demands of directional drilling and down linking with negative pressure pulses and elevated temperatures. This hose can also be used as a Motion Compensator hose for stabiliza

Chemical Hose Price with SS ANSI Flanges

Chemical hose is applied for conveying sulphuric acid with a concentration below 40% and other inorganic acids (except nitric acids) as well as dilute alkali at no more than 45 ° C . Tube :Black,smooth, EPR rubber compound. Cover :Black. smooth (wrapped finish), EPR rubber compound . Reinforcement: High strength synthetic cord plus helix wire.

Coke Cutting Systems Delayed Cokers in Warm Areas

– HP water hose, swivel – Drill stem – Tool Drill Stem Drive – Gear – Motor, pneu,hyd,elec, – Seal cartridge Pumps – Feed Pumps – Pit Pumps Top deheading system – flanged / bolted – Double gate valve Bottomdeheading syst – flanged / bolted – Double gate valve Coking , Bahrein 2015. Coker Coker HMEL Installation: India Coking , Bahrein 2015. Jet Pump HMEL Jet

Drilling Mud Circulation System Drilling Fluid Management

26/12/2017· Drilling fluid (i.e. mud) goes from the mud pits to main rig pumps (i.e. mud pump), and then major components including surface piping, standpipe, kelly hose, swivel, kelly, drill pipe, drill collar, bit nozzles, the various annular geometries (annulus means space between drill pipe and hole) of the open hole and casing strings, flow line, mud control equipment, mud tanks, and again the mud

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Plug Valve - Kelly Hose, Rotary Vibrator Drilling Hose

Recommended For: Plug valves- Low torque valve and repair kits provide by Jingbo can be interchanged with the same type of valves of SPM, with size range from 1" - 3" and pressure ranging from 6,000psi - 20,000psi, both union connection and thread connection are available.